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Where Did President Obama's Tweets On @POTUS Twitter Handle Go?

Where Did President Obama's Tweets On @POTUS Twitter Handle Go?

Boyer, L. (2017, January 20). Where did President Obama's Tweets go? Retrieved from

In this article, Boyer explains how the exchange of power in the White House, when President Donald Trump was sworn into office, prompted another transition of the official government’s Twitter handle termed as @POTUS. Formerly, the Twitter handle had been created for Barrrack Obama in 2015, having been the first president in history to own a Twitter account. Shortly after being sworn into office, President Trump took charge of the @POTUS Twitter handle. This became the first digital transition of power and state resources in America’s history. As one would probably expect, tweets by the former president have not been erased; instead, they have been transferred to another Twitter account called @POTUS44, in order to preserve his digital history. However, being a fervent user of the social media, President Trump seemingly preferred using his personal Twitter account for posting messages on the website, despite having taken charge of the @POTUS handle.  

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