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Where Does Donald Trump Get His Information in Tweets?

Where Does Donald Trump Get His Information in Tweets?

Vo, L. T. (n.d.). The Twitterverse of Donald Trump, In 26,234 Tweets. Retrieved from

This article is intended to aid in understanding where and how President Donald Trump gets information. The author, Lam Thuy Vo attempts to explain these concepts by focusing on three areas which he states as: #twitter, #scraping and #tweets. For better understanding of these concepts in relation to the president, Buzz feeds analyzed all tweets by the president since the launch of his campaign. This article is further divided into three categories. The first one is getting data. To do this, the company had to get an archive of all tweets by President Trump. Since scraping is limited to 3240 tweets at a time, they used the Trump Twitter archive to obtain all of the tweets until November 9th 2016. The rest was scrapped directly from twitter. The article explains the scrapping process. Next is the parsing process where a regular expression is used to extract strings starting with http and expanded using an expand url module. The last section discusses public figures and social data.

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