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Where Does Trump Get His News?

Where Does Trump Get His News?

Buzz Feed News. (2016, December 6). Where Does Trump get his news? Retrieved from

The article looks at where Donald Trump gets his news. The author reports that Donald Trump has skipped many of his intelligence briefings since he became the President of the United States. Reports show that he consumes cable news and has himself admitted to getting military advice from shows. His secretary relies a lot on ‘Google News printouts’. The author also provides an insight into the tweets of Donald Trump from the time when he announced his candidacy in June 2015. The article points out that most of these tweets are retweets and a number of campaign-related links to the president were also discovered. The author says they have data of the tweets from 16th June to 17th November but does not give an opinion on the nature of the tweets or give any examples for the readers to explore.

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