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Where Will Trumpism Go?

Where Will Trumpism Go?

BBC. "Twitter 'permanently Suspends' Trump's Account." BBC News. Last modified January 9, 2021.

Twitter has been central to greeting out a message for Donald Trump. He has shown that he loves the short format and likes his ability to reach tens of millions at the click of a button. James Clayton a North American technology reporter says that Twitter has benefitted greatly from Donald Trump's participation in their platform. This is because it became the place to go to hear the most recent from the most powerful man in the world. The reporter also says that Twitter not only banned Donald Trump for inciting violence but also because his power is quickly slipping away. Now that he is an ordinary citizen, Twitter and other platforms can throw him off the social media platforms. The reporter asks the question, will Trumpism survive without backing of the social media or will it fade away into the shadows of the internet.

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