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Which Phone Did Trump Use to Send Tweets?

Which Phone Did Trump Use to Send Tweets?

Robinson, D. (August 10, 2017). Analyzing Trump's android and iPhone tweets: One year later. Retrieved from

This article explores Donald Trump’s tweet in a single year, and how they changed since he won the presidential elections and was inaugurated into office. Most of his tweets have become newsworthy because earlier on, the tweets were coming from an Android phone whereby they were seen to be “angrier and more negative.” Basically, there was change of the phone being used to iPhone and it followed that there were different people tweeting at different times while making announcements as well as posting pictures. All of Trump’s tweets have been from different platforms like Twitter Web Client and the moment started to mention Obama by name in his tweets, it turned out to be a negative sentiment. However, his tweeting behavior changed since the 2016 presidential election as the most used word is “fake” or “fake news” and it is one of the words that lead to most of the retweets including Russia, North Korea, and FBI.

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