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Why Donald Trump Didn’t Like The 2021 Oscars

Why Donald Trump Didn’t Like The 2021 Oscars  

Murphy, C. (2021, April 27). Trump shouts his 2021 Oscars thoughts into the void, says he                misses “The Academy Awards” and a “Great host”. Vanity                Fair.  thoughts-into-the-void-says-he-misses-the-academy-awards-and-a-great-host

The author says that Donald Trump didn’t like the 2021 Oscars. Trump made this exceedingly clear when he shared his unwelcome thoughts on the 93rd Academy Awards in an official statement from his office, two days after the event. The author notes that, he was unable to give his opinion or statement live as most people did or may be how everyone knew via Twitter since has been suspended indefinitely from Twitter. Although he was unable to post it on twitter directly, his press release got its way into twitter through his followers and news. In the statement, Trump said that he can fix the Oscars and gave a suggestion. He said that they should go back 15 years and rename it back to THE ACADEMY AWARDS, and stop wanting to be politically correctly and do it right. He felt the current name is boring. Trump also said that they should “ALSO, BRING BACK A GREAT HOST.”

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