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Why Donald Trump Lost the Elections?

Why Donald Trump Lost the Elections?

Bryant, Nick. "US Election 2020: Why Donald Trump Lost." BBC News. Last modified November 7, 2020.

In the year 2016, Donald Trump won over 70 million votes. Which was a historical win being the second highest total in American history. In 2020, something changed and Donald Trump has become one of 4 incumbents who did not get another 4 years. Bryant says that Donald Trump won the 2016 elections because he was a norm-busting political outsider who could anything that other people are afraid of saying. According to Bryant this is the same reason he lost the 2020 elections.[2] Another reason given by Bryant is that some people who elected Donald Trump in 2016, found his presidency too unpresidential. That he defied lots of customs and behavioral norms off-putting, and he was often offensive. Bryant believes that people were in need of leader who would behave in a more conventional. Joe Biden was seen as a complete opposite of Donald Trump, because it was hard to demonize him.  

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