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Why Donald Trump Should Learn from His Message to Obama

Why Donald Trump Should Learn from His Message to Obama

The Jack News. (2017, September 24). This Donald Trump tweet about football from 2013 says it all. Retrieved from

This article explains why Donald Trump should learn from his message to Obama in his 2013 tweet about football. According to the author, many Americans often complain about Trump’s excessive tweeting. Given that he is the president of the United States, most citizens argue that Trump should invest more of his time handling the affairs of the country as opposed to ranting on Twitter with his conspiracy theories and endless attacks on his adversaries. The author notes that Trump had on one time advised President Obama to focus on other pressing matters concerning the country besides worrying about football teams. Interestingly, the author asserts that the piece of advice could also benefit Donald Trump as he is always meddling with the affairs of celebrities including NFL players rather than doing his job. This article is helpful in pointing out the hypocritical behavior of political leaders when amassing votes from the American people.

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