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Why Donald Trump Tweets Appeal to Many Americans?

Why Donald Trump Tweets Appeal to Many Americans?

Feldman, B. (2016, February 2). Why I love Donald Trump's terrible old tweets. Retrieved from

In this article, Feldman explains why he is always fascinated with Donald Trump’s old Twitter posts. According to the author, while most famous people often erase a good portion of their social media history which they feel could damage their reputation in future; Donald Trump does not seem bothered by his old tweets. In fact, it is very rare for him to delete his tweets no matter how controversial they might appear to be. Perhaps, this is part of the reason why Donald Trump appeals to many Americans. Unlike other politicians, Donald Trump is never afraid to express what is on his mind at any opportunity that he gets. The author notes that even though some of his old tweets tell another story, many people are still fascinated by him, and feel that his tweets are genuine and refreshing. This article shows that confidence and sincerity are among the top main traits of a leader, as is the case with Donald Trump.  

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