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Why Some People are Not Ready to Accept Trump as Their President?

Why Some People are Not Ready to Accept Trump as Their President

Greene, J. (2017, January 5). Why I will go to Washington to protest against Trump. Retrieved from  

The author explains how the Trump win hit her like a punch. The author recalls witnessing groups of people chanting “Not my president” and realizing many Americans had the same feeling. The author then chose to follow news on the march by many Americans protesting the win of President Donald Trump and checking on social media pages; Facebook and Twitter. When Janice Greene looked at President Donald Trump’s twitter account, the tweets she found were more discouraging. She gives examples of some of the tweets like; “I am the only one that knows how to build cities.” May 3rd 2015, “Our Southern border is insecure. I am the only one that can fix it.” July, 3rd 2015. The author has used the tweeter feed of Donald Trump to make us understand why she and many other Americans were not ready to accept him as their president. She has however, not issued her opinion on the tweets.

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