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Will Trump's Widespread Mistrust of the 2020 Elections Fade Away?

Will Trump's Widespread Mistrust of the 2020 Elections Fade Away?

Kilgore, E. (2021, May 2). Trump’s Delegitimization of Democracy Isn’t Wearing Off.                Intelligencer.               democracy-isnt-wearing-off.html

The author mentions that people who are fond of democratic norms hoped that the Republican or rather Trump's widespread mistrust of the 2020 elections would fade away. However, this has not changed as new survey shows. A study by CNN, showed that 75 percent of self-identified Republicans do not believe that Biden legitimately won the 2020 elections, and 50 percent of Republicans believe that there is tangible evidence showing that Biden never won the 2020 elections. The author states that Trump and his supporters' rejection of the 2020 elections outcome was MAGA's way to stop Joe Biden's certification as president elect by Congress on January 6th. The author states that back in 2016, that 65 percent of Democrats though disappointed expressed confidence in the 2016 elections. The author notes that Trump supporters have failed to accept defeat and believe there was a lot of fraud, that more Americans supported their candidate than his opponent. The author ads that Trump was close to winning the Electoral College and that the Republicans need to respect the 81 million Americans who voted for Biden not to concentrate on the 74 million votes.

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