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MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

ACE - Ravi Singh received his ACE Executive Business Certificate. He is an alumni of MIT Sloan School of Management.

Ashford University

Ph.D. -  Ravi Singh received his Doctoral Degree in Philosophy with a specialization in Social Media and Technology from Ashford University

Northwestern University

MA - Ravi Singh received his Masters of Arts Degree in American Political Science from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.

Liberty University

MS -  Ravi Singh received his Master of Science in Communication with a focus on Social Media Management from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Duke University

MKT - Ravi Singh received a Digital Marketing Certificate from Duke University continuing education program in one year from Durham, North Carolina.

Harvard University

MKT - Ravi Singh received a Digital Marketing Strategy Certificate from Harvard University continuing education from Cambridge, Massachusetts.

About Ravneet (Ravi) Singh MA, MS, Ph.D.

Dr. Ravneet (Ravi) Singh was born in the United States of America.  He wears a turban as a requirement of the Sikh religion from northern India. His parents immigrated to the United States to pursue the American dream.  Ravi grew up in the cornfields of Illinois in the village of Prestbury. His favorite hero is Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican (GOP) President.  He adopted at an early age the Lincoln notion of “perseverance.” At the age of 11, he met the first Sikh President of India and fell in love with politics.  His grandfather encouraged him to pursue a career in politics, while his father insisted on medicine.  Ravi Singh was the first Sikh (with uncut hair and turban) to attend and eventually graduate from a USA Military Academy in American history. Due to the uniqueness of his case and harsh military rules, legislation was introduced on his behalf to allow him to graduate with full USA military honors and turban. It was enacted under President Ronald Regan’s administration. He then attended Valparaiso University, where he followed his passion and became Student Body President, Captain of NCAA Division 1 Golf Team, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Pre-Med and Political Science.  He then enrolled at Northwestern University and pursued a Master of Arts in American Political Science.  Ravi Singh served as a public servant in Illinois State Government under Governor Jim Edgar's administration working for Lt. Governor Bob Kustra and State Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka, who he refers to as his "politic mother."  During his time there, he learned the art of politics and campaigning, which inspired him to run for Illinois 42nd State Representative open seat, at the age of 25.  He lost the campaign but won the Kane County nomination for the Republican Party, becoming the first Asian American to win the nomination.  During his campaign, he started a website through which ElectionMall.com was born which was profiled in Business Week Magazine and USA Today naming Ravi Singh as the "CampaignGuru." 

ElectionMall Technologies Inc. main purpose was to help promote e-democracy and enable candidates regardless of party affiliation, gender, or religious affiliation to have access to the same data and tools as incumbents, something Ravi Singh was convicted of when he ran as a politician.  As CEO of ElectionMall.com, Ravi Singh became a Washington DC politician and maverick. He worked extremely hard to enable campaigns from school board to president level to take advantage of technology in the early days of the “Digital Era.” The campaign and elections industry were full of “good old boys and American political consultants” who were not very welcoming to his Chicago hustle and turban identity.  In 2010, the company co-branded with Microsoft Inc. and received an infusion of investment and marketing dollars that launched for worldwide operations. Ravi Singh opened offices all over the world including, Ukraine, Malaysia, Mexico, Colombia, Brussels, and India, working on campaigns like Juan Manuel Santos (Colombia), Enda Kenny (Ireland), Jose Sera (Brazil) and Anwar Ibrahim (Malaysia).

The company helped over 9 world leaders and various heads of state with their "digital campaign war rooms." “Campaign Guru” was committed to over 7000+ political websites helping them raise money, generate votes, and increase their digital awareness during his 14 years as CEO creating a multi-million-dollar internet company at the time. In 2014, the company faced charges of elections fraud for two campaigns in San Diego, California.  The company was forced to shut down operations in 2016 because of litigation cost, and CEO Ravi Singh was personally charged with several felonies, which he later appealed to the US Appellate courts and then US Supreme Court.  In 2017, Ravi Singh went back to graduate school and pursued a Master of Science in Social Media Management from Liberty University, a Harvard Certificate in Digital Strategy, the prestigious digital marketing program from Duke University, and MIT Sloan Business School Executive ACE program; at the same time finishing his doctoral (Ph.D.) in Social Media and Technology from the University of the Rockies in Denver Colorado, now Ashford University. He successfully completed all these programs in less than three years and, in the process, met the love of his life Elena, and is happily settled down in Miami, Florida.

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Corporate Executive

Ravi understanding Social Media and it's ability to influence is truly exceptional. As a classmate at MIT he consistently shared insights making my learning experience meaningful.

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Brittany White

City Year Student

I have had the pleasure of knowing Ravi for the past year… Ravi worked hard to ensure this year’s Corps would gain insight and experience with social media...

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Dahlin Jackson

Medical Student

Only a handful of people get to meet someone so renowned as Ravi and to be taught by him is truly a treasure. I learned a lot during my sessions...

LInkedin profile 4

Ashok Jhawar

Former British Petroleum President

I have known Ravi Singh for the past 20+ years...I have found him to be a bright, hard-working, and upright person. Ravi’s dedication to his family, friends and faith are exemplary.

LInkedin profile 3

Adi Sideman

Co- founder at Props

Ravi is a visionary entrepreneur with great knowledge and understanding of social media... I look forward to learn of his next endeavors in the space.

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Flavio Calonge

 Microsoft Industry Director LATAM

I saw Ravi in action and is full of energy and passion during his presentations. He was always open and forward thinking...



Ravi has helped over 9 World Leaders with their Digital Campaigns for public office.

Ravi wrote his dissertation on a quantitative study of Donald Trumps 35,647 Tweets.

Ravi finished his doctoral degree in less than 3 years.

Ravi was the first Sikh American to be accepted to a USA military Academy and was the first to run for public office with a turban in the Illinois State Legislative.

Ravi was the first Asian American Student Body President and NCAA Division Golf Captain at Valparaiso University in Indiana.


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