Who Is Instagram?

Instagram is a free photo and video sharing social media app available on Apple iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. The app allows users to upload photos or videos to their service and share them with their followers or with a select group of friends.

WHO IS Care2?  

Largest online community dedicated to build a better world by empowering people to lead a healthy and green lifestyle while taking action on important causes such as human rights, animal welfare, women’s Rights & Reproductive Justice, the Environment, LGBT Rights, children’s Health & Welfare, International Development, Education, Wildlife Protection, Healthcare Rights, Immigration & Dreamers, and Civil Rights & Criminal Justice among others.



Care2 creates technology that connects people to make a difference in the world.  Care2  is a social enterprise, and uses business as a force for good. Care2 has been used to fight, through petitions, political, environmental and civil rights issues. Recently, they site was used by Broadway theatre playwrights and actors to petition Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act.



The site uses cutting-edge technology and team of experienced campaigners to fuel the progressive movement by uniting members with nonprofits and mission-based brands working on causes they care about. They work with nonprofits and brands that wishes to grow their customer base, to drive comments during public comment periods, to start letter-writing campaigns or to drive signature counts on petition campaigns. Through the site, they are able to reach their goal, and create real impact.


Care2 was founded by Randy Paynter in 1998.

On December 28, 2011, hackers attacked, breached and accessed unencrypted password data on Care2 servers.

In August 2019, Groups, Healthy Living and Causes, C2NN, eCards, and Care2 Connect were eliminated.



Care2 makes it possible for nonprofits to maximize their impact by using images to involve potential readers, activists, or donors on an emotional level and compel them to action. It is most likely for people to react when the content has some emotional connection.


Use compelling language to pass your message.

Use images and videos that create emotional connection with the audience.

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