Who Is Instagram?

Instagram is a free photo and video sharing social media app available on Apple iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. The app allows users to upload photos or videos to their service and share them with their followers or with a select group of friends.

WHO IS Citysearch?  

Citysearch is an online city guide that offers information about businesses in the categories of entertainment, dining, retail, professional services, and travel in cities across the U.S. Their headquarters are in West Hollywood, California.



Citysearch offers visitors to each of Citysearch's local city info about businesses in the categories of entertainment, dining, retail, professional services, and travel nearby. They give visitors access to contact information, editorial maps, user reviews, and driving directions, for all businesses listed.



Citysearch now CityGrid aggregates advertisers from company partners, boosts their listings' by adding Citysearch content and distributes it through a pay-per-performance ad engine to partner Websites.



Citysearch was founded in September 1995 by Jeffrey Brewer, Caskey Dickson, Brad Haaugard, Taylor Wescoatt, and Tamar Halpern.

In August 1998, Citysearch merged with Ticketmaster Online.

In July 1999, Citysearch acquired the competing Sidewalk.com website from Microsoft. The two sites were merged together.

In December 1999, Ticketmaster-CitySearch received a $40 million investment from USA Networks, Inc.

In 2007, Citysearch acquired a competitor, Insider Pages.

In 2007 CitySearch developed a full-fledged search and advertising technology named G3.  

In June 2010, Citysearch LLC rebranded as CityGrid Media.

CityGrid Media also operates similar local consumer properties, such as Insider Pages.  



Best of Citysearch is a feature that presents locals with an opportunity to vote for their preferred businesses in popular categories including cafes, nightlife, hotels and services. The platform opens up an annual poll with nominations from editors and all site visitors are allowed to cast votes for their favorite local business. After the polls are done the top ten businesses in each category made available to their cities. Besides having amazing features, the organization has capabilities to advertise on its platform and offer its customer deals to entice more individuals to click on their listing and find their business.


How to easily claim listing on Citysearch.

1. Visit ExpressUpdate.com and search to see if your business is in their database. You can do this by entering details such as business name, phone number, or address.

2. Add your business to Citysearch through ExpressUpdate.

Request for a verified listing immediately.

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