Who Is Instagram?

Instagram is a free photo and video sharing social media app available on Apple iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. The app allows users to upload photos or videos to their service and share them with their followers or with a select group of friends.

WHO IS DeviantArt?

DeviantArt is the world's largest social media network for artists and art enthusiasts. The site allows people to connect through the creation and sharing of art.


DeviantArt believes that art is for everyone, and have created the cultural context for how it is created, discovered, and shared. The site allows artists and art enthusiasts to display, promote, and share their works with a passionate, art-centric community.



To begin using DeviantArt requires you first to create a personal account. Each account comes with a customizable profile where you add your personal information. The site offers you an option to write your Journal or a blog where you can discuss your art or anything that is in your mind. From your profile, you see the pictures you uploaded recently and the same for your visitors. DeviantArt helps artists with an account find their identity through self-expression. They enable that by offering the tools, resources, and exposure, the artists need to become better and more successful. The platform has also made their content available to everyone as a way to feed creativity.


Using the Eclipse Deviation page, you get to feature the best display of art to the world. It has a simple and organized layout that makes the art stand out, thus increasing your views.



On August 7, 2000, DeviantArt was launched by Scott Jarkoff, Matt Stephens, and Angelo Sotira.

On November 14, 2006, DeviantArt allowed users to submit their works under Creative Commons licenses giving the artists the right to choose how their works can be used.

On September 30, 2007, DeviantArt added a film category that allowed artists to upload videos.

In 2007, DeviantArt received $3.5 million funding from undisclosed investors, and in 2013, it received $10 million in Series B funding.

In December 2014, the site unveiled a new logo and released an official mobile app on both iOS and Android.

On February 23, 2017, DeviantArt was acquired by Wix.com, Inc. for $36 million.



Always ensure that you keep your art’s composition right.  

If you are new you may want to post on the forum, you will meet new people there, this can apply even for those who have grown their account.

Be consistent in your submission of contents, probably twice a week, to maintain the quality.

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