Who Is Instagram?

Instagram is a free photo and video sharing social media app available on Apple iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. The app allows users to upload photos or videos to their service and share them with their followers or with a select group of friends.

WHO IS Flickr?

Flickr is a media platform used for uploading, organizing, and sharing photos and videos.


Flickr is an online image and video hosting platform. The platform helps professional photographers and those with a casual interest in photography peruse the digital galleries and discover creative photography.


Flickr is not just for professionals; anyone can join the most influential community of photographers in the world. The platform allows users to upload, edit, and share photos from any device, at any time.


Flickr has developed tools to help users improve their digital media using any type of camera. For instance, Flickr’s mobile app for iOS has additional features that are integrated on the iPhone and iPad camera software. The feature gives photographers the ability to perform a two-finger tap on the screen to lock focus and exposure. The feature helps separate areas of the picture. Users can take better and quality images with the help of a Flickr mobile tool.


on February 10, 2004, Flickr was launched by Ludicorp.

On December 9, 2004, Flickr’s service was widely used by photo researchers and bloggers to host images that they embed in blogs and social media platforms.

On March 20, 2005, Yahoo! acquired Ludicorp and Flickr.

On May 3, 2007, Yahoo! broadcasted that Yahoo! Photos would close down on September 20, 2007, and users were encouraged to migrate to Flickr.

On May 16, 2006, Flickr upgraded its services from "beta" to "gamma" status.

On December 13, 2006, Flickr upgraded upload limits on free accounts to 100 MB a month from 20 MB.

On April 9, 2008, Flickr allowed paid subscribers to upload videos, with a limit time of 90 seconds and 150 MB in size.

On March 2, 2009, Flickr allowed paid users to upload and view HD videos, and free users to upload a normal-resolution video.

In 2009, Flickr partnered with Getty Images.

On March 25, 2014, Flickr had the first major site redesign, and introduced a "Justified View" close-spaced photo layout browsed via "infinite scrolling." Other features such as 1 terabyte of free storage for all users, a scrolling home page, and an updated Android app were introduced.

On May 7, 2015, Yahoo! overhauled the site, adding a revamped Camera Roll, new upload feature, and upgraded the site's apps. The new upload application was made available for Macs, Windows, and mobile devices.

On May 22, 2019, Flickr was transferred from its owner Yahoo to SmugMug with 100+ million accounts and billions of photos and videos.



Use a shortened URL generated automatically by the Flickr domain.

Use the Faves option to see people who recently likes your photo and follow them. You will grow your follower list.

Also, follow people who like photos similar to the images you share on Flickr

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