Who Is Instagram?

Instagram is a free photo and video sharing social media app available on Apple iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. The app allows users to upload photos or videos to their service and share them with their followers or with a select group of friends.

WHO IS WordPress?

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system.



WordPress is, currently the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS), which is now being used by approximately 75 million websites. WordPress also offers free hosting and support.



 WordPress  is free to install and upgrade. Users can create a free website or build a blog with ease. The site has dozens of free, customizable, mobile-ready designs and themes for clients. Thousands of plugins and templates available on the site power a flexible and simple interfaces, which reduces development costs and deployment time.



WordPress flexible framework allows designers and developers to create and modify layouts and applications very quickly, making it the best content management system.



On May 27, 2003, WordPress was released by Matt Mullenweg and English developer Mike Little as a fork of b2/cafelog.

In May 2003, b2/cafelog was estimated to have been installed on approximately 2,000 blogs.

In 2004, WordPress got a lot of new users after the licensing terms for the competing Movable Type package were changed by Six Apart.

In August 2006, WordPress’ first event, WordCamp 2006, was held in San Francisco.

In 2008, WordPress won InfoWorld's "Best of open source software awards: Collaboration."

In 2009, WordPress won the Open Source CMS Awards's "Overall Best Open Source CMS."

In 2010, WordPress won digitalsynergy's "Hall of Fame CMS category in the 2010 Open Source."

In 2011, WordPress won InfoWorld's "Bossie award for Best Open Source Software."

In October 2009, WordPress was reported to have enjoyed the greatest brand strength by Open Source CMS MarketShare Report.

In June 2019, WordPress was being used by approximately 60.8% of all the websites.

In January 2020, WordPress.org had 55,487 plugins available.



Pick quality themes. There are various options on WordPress.

You can install google analytics plugin to your WordPress for insights to help learn more about your site visitors.

Customize your address. WordPress allows you to modify your permalinks.

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