Who Is Instagram?

Instagram is a free photo and video sharing social media app available on Apple iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. The app allows users to upload photos or videos to their service and share them with their followers or with a select group of friends.


IGN is a world leader in games and entertainment media website operated by IGN Entertainment Inc.



IGN focuses on games, films, television, comics, technology, and other media. The site delivers a content-rich experience to users through streamed publisher presentations featuring pre and post discussion and analysis shows.



IGN gives both gamers and fans a platform to interact. After signing up on IGN, users get access to a live event where they can send and see reaction videos from home. Users get to vote for their favorite games.



Gamers can improve their games and get a higher score. IGN allows game developers a chance for re-review, however only after proof that significant changes have been made.

To get higher scores, game developers need to visit the site and compare the highly voted videos to see where theirs fall before posting.  



In September 1996, IGN was founded by Jonathan Simpson-Bin.

In 1998, the network launched a new homepage that consolidated the individual sites as system channels under the IGN brand.

In February 1999, IGN was named one of the hundred-best websites by PC Magazine.

On May 10, 2002, IGN Entertainment was adopted after the shedding of the name "Snowball."

In June 2005, IGN had 24,000,000 unique visitors per month, and 4.8 million registered users.

In September 2005, IGN was acquired by News Corporation, for $650 million.

On May 25, 2011, IGN sold its Direct2Drive division to Gamefly.

In 2011, IGN Entertainment acquired its rival UGO Entertainment.

On February 4, 2013, after failing to spin off IGN as a separate company, IGN Entertainment was sold to the publishing company Ziff Davis.

In October 2017, IGN acquired Humble Bundle.



To be guaranteed a better score upon sharing a game ensure that the individual aspects of your game are perfect, including presentation, graphics, sound, gameplay, and lasting appeal.

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